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CasinoJEFE gibt eine 15-Minuten Kundenservicegarantie, für alle Spieler die auf JEFE Level 4 oder höher sind. Wir tun unser möglichstes um Ihnen auf Ihre Fragen in nur 15 Minuten zu antworten, falls Sie keine Antwort innerhalb von 15 Minuten erhalten, erhalten Sie auf Ihrem Konto 10€ Echtgeld


  • Player must be on JEFE Level 4 or higher;
  • Only valid questions regarding your player account will be entitled towards the guarantee;
  • Same question or similar queries can be only guaranteed once.
  • Player account has to be active.
  • If Live Chat waiting time or E-mail reply takes more than 15 minutes, we will credit 10€ real money to Player’s account.
  • 15 minutes starts counting when E-mail is received to our support inbox or player enters the Live Chat and posts the question. 
  • This guarantee covers only E-mails that are sent to inbox, if the mail drops to junk folder for any reason or is delayed before received, support guarantee is not valid.
  • 15 minutes will be checked by our server clock.
  • If the query cannot be solved within 15 minutes we will notify the player that solution will take more time and consider this as a reply within 15 minutes.
  • CasinoJEFE reserves the right to modify, edit or disable this guarantee at any time without any additional notification.
  • Intentional abuse or abuse attempts will remove players from this guarantee permanently.
  • The 15 minute guarantee is only valid during the support business hours, from 10:00 CET to 00:00 CET.
  • If support fails to reply to player queries within these rules, player will be credited with 10€ real money which will be added on player's account. Requesting this 10€ guarantee is on player's responsibility.
  • Messages related to KYC account verification procedures are not included to the guarantee.