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CasinoJEFE provides 15-minute support guarantee for all players who are on JEFE level 4 or higher. We will do our utmost to reply to your queries within 15 minutes, and if you don’t receive a response within that time, we will credit your account with 10€ real money.


  • Player must be on JEFE Level 4 or higher;
  • Only valid questions regarding your player account will be entitled towards the guarantee;
  • Same question or similar queries can be only guaranteed once.
  • Player account has to be active.
  • If Live Chat waiting time or E-mail reply takes more than 15 minutes, we will credit 10€ real money to Player’s account.
  • 15 minutes starts counting when E-mail is received to our support inbox or player enters the Live Chat and posts the question. 
  • This guarantee covers only E-mails that are sent to inbox, if the mail drops to junk folder for any reason or is delayed before received, support guarantee is not valid.
  • 15 minutes will be checked by our server clock.
  • If the query cannot be solved within 15 minutes we will notify the player that solution will take more time and consider this as a reply within 15 minutes.
  • CasinoJEFE reserves the right to modify, edit or disable this guarantee at any time without any additional notification.
  • Intentional abuse or abuse attempts will remove players from this guarantee permanently.
  • The 15 minute guarantee is only valid during the support business hours, from 10:00 CET to 00:00 CET.
  • If support fails to reply to player queries within these rules, player will be credited with 10€ real money which will be added on player's account. Requesting this 10€ guarantee is on player's responsibility.
  • Messages related to KYC account verification procedures are not included to the guarantee.